How youmail Works

Simple, Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Design an email template
  2. Upload email template to YouMail
  3. Populate the template content
  4. Select recipients and send
  5. Monitor results and effectiveness


How much does it cost?

You only pay for youmail if you use it. There’s no monthly charge, no ongoing support fees, no hosting costs. You pay $20 for each campaign you send plus around 10c for each email sent. So if you send an email to 1000 people the cost is $120 plus GST.

How long does it take to get set up?

Depending on your requirements, we can have your template designed and loaded into your account within 10 working days. From there, it’s down to copy and who you want to send to. While we understand that speed is important, it’s also crucial to plan your email campaigns to achieve maximum return on investment. So talk to us about exactly what you need to happen and we’ll make it so.

How technical do I need to be?

Once we’ve got everything set up for you, you don’t need to be technical at all. If you can visit websites and use Microsoft Word, then you have all the technical skills required for straightforward email marketing. However, sometimes you’ll want to do something a little more clever. That’s where it helps to have the support of the experienced and reliable youmail team.

What sort of computer do I need to work this?

You’ll need a broadband internet connection to use youmail which operates in a browser. That means no software to install on your machine making a straightforward and user friendly experience.

What sort of campaigns has youmail been involved with?

youmail has worked with a wide range of clients to create and implement their email marketing initiatives. Our clients include wineries, machinery distributors, lawyers, agricultural manufacturers and childcare centres to name just a few sectors. Many of our clients rely on us to develop the strategy and creative right through to full implementation of the campaign. Which means we know we can deliver, whatever your email marketing requirements.

I don’t know where to begin – can you help?

Email marketing can seem daunting at first. But as with all marketing, it starts with the strategy. If you’re not sure how to get started, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Can you help with copywriting?

Writing for email is a unique skill as you’re writing for people and software that is specifically designed to filter emails. Because of this, we have specialist email copywriters available who can help to craft your concept to make sure you not only create a message that is engaging and produces results, but also makes it through the hurdles that stand between you and your reader.

Can youmail be integrated into my website?

Absolutely. youmail has the facility to easily create a form to allow people to register for your email communications via your website. Preference centres can also be created that allow users to update their details and email preferences. More complex integration is available but might take a little technical assistance from the youmail team.

Can youmail be integrated into other software that I use in my business?

Yes, youmail has the facility to integrate into most other software that you might use to run your business eg CRM systems. Talk to us if you have specific requirements.

How do I build an email marketing database?

When building an email marketing database, the first thing to remember is that you must have permission to email your recipients. That permission is specific to you and relates only to what you stated you'd communicate about. New spam laws both here in New Zealand and around the world make it illegal to email commercial emails to recipients who have not opted in to receive those communications. Which means that you have to be careful when building a database to make sure you obtain explicit permission before you send the email. Some tactics which may help are:

  • Competitions where you gather business cards (but make sure you state what you're going to do with the details provided)
  • Email referral programmes where you get your customers to invite their friends and colleagues to join your list
  • Advertising programmes in which you invite participants to join the list
  • A sign up form on your website and on all contact forms

Remember that hiring or buying a list of emails is unlikely to comply with permission laws. More to the point, the recipients didn't opt-in to your list so are unlikely to respond well to your communications and what's the point of emailing people who don't want to hear from you?

Can I be sure that my emails are being delivered?

There are lots of tactics that will help to improve the chances of your email being delivered. youmail structures your emails and manages the send loading to optimise the deliverability. However one of the most important tactics you can use is to draft your content well, being relevant and not using too much hyperbole – email is a conversational medium. It also helps if a little bit of code is registered with your domain host (email authentication) to tag that your domain may well send email through the youmail system. This removes the chance that some mail filters will flag your email as spam. So, the short answer is that you can never be 100% sure your emails are being delivered, but there’s lots that can be done to improve the chances.

How do I get help if I’m stuck?

Just call us during working hours on 09 485 3009 and ask for your Account Manager who will be happy to help.

Can I set up automatic response emails?

youmail allows you to se up automatic emails that are triggered by certain actions like someone registering for your email newsletter. Talk to your Account Manager about how to do this.

Can I personalise the content of my emails?

Personalising an email is a good way to improve the engagement of your reader with your content. You can personalise anything from the recipients name, the subject line, the senders signature file through to any part of the content. Talk to Account Manager about youmail's personalisation options.

How secure is my data?

The security of your data such as subscriber lists, credit card details and email content is incredibly important to us. youmail and our suppliers have put in place both hardware and software protection to ensure that nobody else has access to your account and the information it contains.

Physical Security

In the data centre, we have several layers of protection around our servers.

  • Level 1: A proximity card and PIN is required just to enter the building
  • Level 2: Proximity card access and fingerprint scan is required to enter the data centre
  • Level 3: Locked cages and cabinets secure all the hardware
  • Level 4: Video surveillance cameras are monitored constantly
  • Level 5: Vibration detection devices detect any motion

Software Security

Again, there are several layers of precaution. All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a constantly maintained firewall. There is security built into the operating system preventing outside access, and all major security patches are tested and applied within two weeks of release. Beyond that, the databases themselves are secured by additional access restrictions, and more sensitive data is also encrypted within the database as an extra precaution.

We also use SSL for passing any credit card information between the client and our server so that it cannot be intercepted in transit.

Backup facilities

Your data is constantly mirrored to a redundant backup server, meaning in the event of any significant failure we can instantly switch to this live backup without any data loss. All our hardware is also fully redundant so even if a disk suddenly dies, nothing will go down and no data will be lost. Further to these measures, all your data is backed up to an off-site location every night so that in the event of a system-wide disaster, we can perform a full backup recovery.

What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting means quite simply registering the sending domain as being OK to send email from. This might be registering with your own in house mail server or as complex as registering with Yahoo and xtra. Whitelisting is important as you often don’t know if an email isn’t being delivered because the mail servers doing the blocking don’t send the email back with any sort of error message. They just swallow it up. Talk to your Account Manager for more information about Whitelisting.

What is domain key registration?

When sending an email we let you set your own "from address" so that email will appear to be from that address. Instead of coming from, it might come from Because of the way email was originally built, it's tough to prove if an email is actually coming from the person who claims to be sending it. Email authentication (or domain key registration) fixes this by letting you add some simple information to your domain name's DNS records that says who's allowed to send email on your behalf.

All the large ISP's like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo! and Gmail are using email authentication as an important layer in their spam fighting arsenal. By setting up this system as an authenticated sender, you can instantly bypass certain filters, giving your campaigns a better chance of arriving in the destination inbox. Not only that, but many ISP's like Yahoo! and Hotmail will flag your email as authenticated, which helps to build trust between you and your subscribers and improves the chances of your emails being opened.


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