How youmail Works

Simple, Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Design an email template
  2. Upload email template to YouMail
  3. Populate the template content
  4. Select recipients and send
  5. Monitor results and effectiveness

Can’t I just use Outlook to send my emails?

Of course you can use Outlook to send emails. However, email marketing software tools such as youmail allow you to do so much more than just sending emails.

Create and send effective emails

Let youmail design emails that cut through, get noticed and most importantly get the results you're looking for. Once your template's designed we'll load it into your account and if you prefer you can manage future campaigns. The choice is yours.

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Manage subscriber lists

Keep tabs on your recipients automatically with the comprehensive subscriber management tools built in to youmail. Get to know each subscriber's behaviour personally to make your offers more relevant than ever.

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Real-time reporting

Experience the excitement of seeing the results of your efforts coming in real-time. See who's opening, clicking on links, unsubscribing and which emails are boucing; all as it happens.

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“A much larger percentage of organisations increased their email marketing budgets than decreased them. This positive change occurred in only two marketing tactics: email and social media.” Marketing Sherpa 2010 Email Marketing Benchmarking Report
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