How youmail Works

Simple, Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Design an email template
  2. Upload email template to YouMail
  3. Populate the template content
  4. Select recipients and send
  5. Monitor results and effectiveness

Want some email marketing expertise?

We've been doing this for years and know our stuff when it comes to email marketing. So why not take advantage of our experience and enjoy these helpful email marketing resources.


What do Email Stats Really Mean

Email marketers tout the measurability of email as one of the greatest advantages of the medium. Numbers are tossed around like hats at a race day finish line. It seems that size does matter after all.... click here to read more

How to grow an email marketing database

It’s all well and good using email marketing to maintain your relationships with existing customers, but isn’t one of the objectives to grow your database to make it possible to market to even more customers than before?... click here to read more

“A much larger percentage of organisations increased their email marketing budgets than decreased them. This positive change occurred in only two marketing tactics: email and social media.” Marketing Sherpa 2010 Email Marketing Benchmarking Report
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