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What do Email Stats Really Mean?

Email marketers tout the measurability of email as one of the greatest advantages of the medium. Numbers are tossed around like hats at a race day finish line. It seems that size does matter after all as marketers find themselves struggling with open rate envy and bounce rate anxiety.

So let’s take a look at the stats and what we can really tell from the numbers:

Sent: This is the number of emails actually sent as part of your campaign. Your test emails do not count as part of this figure. It’s important to remember that despite your very best efforts as a responsible email marketer, there will be times when your emails get caught out by ISP or corporate mail filters and don’t actually get delivered. So ‘sent’ does not mean ‘delivered’. Emails that are sent but don’t get delivered or bounced are called ‘false positives’.

Opens: HMTL emails are those with images and coloured text. One of the images included will be a tiny image that is used to track open rates. When an HTML email is opened or loaded in the preview window the images are downloaded from the email server. This means that the server can count the ‘opens’ based on the number of times that image is downloaded. The problem with this is that if the email is viewed in text, or in an email client that doesn’t allow images to be downloaded, then the email won’t be counted as an ‘open’; which can lead to oddities like people who haven’t ‘opened’ their email unsubscribing.

Remember that with text only emails you cannot measure open rates at all because there are no images.

Bounced: These are emails that are marked as undeliverable at some point in the delivery process; usually because the subscriber's username is no longer valid at that email address or the domain is no longer valid. In this case, a message is sent back to the server explaining the reason why the message was undeliverable.

Open Rate: If you know how many emails were sent, how many bounced and how many opened, then you can calculate the ‘open rate’.
Open rate = opens / (sent-bounced)
Given the vagaries of tracking the three numbers used here, you can see that this statistic has more relevance as a trend than as a hard and fast fact.

Unsubscribes: These are subscribers who have used the automatic unsubscribe function on the emails to indicate that they don't want any further emails. You must respect this decision and resist the urge to phone and challenge them!

Clicks: This is the number of times that any subscriber has clicked on a particular link that you insert into your emails. You can create a report on the names of those who have clicked, which may be useful for follow up marketing like a next email or telemarketing.

Forwards: This is much simpler. When a recipient of your email completes the form to send the email to a friend, a record is kept on the database that this was done. Remember that these emails will be subject to the same problems with open rates, false positives and bounces. Also just because an email was forwarded does not mean the recipient is now a member. They still have to subscribe themselves.

Complaints: From time to time, your email may arrive at a point that’s just wrong for the recipient, or they may have forgotten that they gave permission or maybe your content just doesn’t feel relevant to them. Either way, it happens to the best of email marketers; your email may be reported to an ISP as spam. These complaints are fed back to your email software and show up as complaints. The occasional one is not usually anything to worry about; however a growing trend is something that should alert you to problems.

So there they are, laid bare; whether this reduces the anxiety around email stats remains is up to you. But they are still useful and like all feedback, when taken with good grace, are vital for performance improvement.


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