How youmail Works

Simple, Easy Steps to Follow

  1. Design an email template
  2. Upload email template to YouMail
  3. Populate the template content
  4. Select recipients and send
  5. Monitor results and effectiveness

Why youmail?

It’s simple really; email marketing works. Really works. Works harder than almost any other form of marketing. Recent research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association in the USA showed that email marketing is predicted to return an incredible US$43.62 for every dollar spent; more than double the average return for other forms of online marketing and more than six times the return from print catalogues.

What’s behind those remarkable predictions?

Almost everyone checks their email – internet users check their email at least weekly.

  • Email is cost effective – While the cost of actually designing your email creative will be similar to direct mail, the big savings start with the fact that there are no printing costs and delivery can be as little as 10c per recipient. 
  • Email marketing gets an immediate response- The majority of your recipients will see and act on your message within the first 24 hours. 
  • Email is relevant – Using the right email software it’s possible to segment your subscribers according to a variety of criteria like demographics and past campaign behaviour (eg clicking a certain link) so you can be sure you’re sending the right message to the right people.
  • No other marketing tactic is this measureable - Track who opens your email and when, what topics they were interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, how many sales were generated and much more.

So the question is really why wouldn’t you be doing email marketing?

And if you’re going to do email marketing, you might as well be using a service that is reliable, easy enough for non-technical users to grasp and robust enough for the largest of jobs: youmail.

youmail is a customer friendly, easy to use, hosted email campaign management application and email marketing service offered by The Sales App Centre.  As one of New Zealand’s leading integrated advertising and communications agencies with an experienced interactive team, Sales App Centre is proud to offer youmail email marketing software and service to support forward-thinking clients. Email marketing is an essential part of any comprehensive marketing effort and remains one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to marketers today.

“38 to 47 characters is the average number of characters that show up in the subject line of 57% of all U.S. email recipients' email programs.” Epsilon (2009)
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